Sporting Layout

Open House on Sundays from 10.00 till 13.00

At Chessgrove Shooting Ground we have 7 stands each with two traps to choose from. The stands consist of easier birds (clays) to get your eye in and for practice. We call these the Early Learning Centre.

Other stands consist of high birds over head, birds going away, teal, left and right crossers, high looping birds and the evasive bolting rabbit. There is certainly something for everyone from the novice to the more experienced shot looking for some challenging birds.

Clays are charged at 30 pence per clay. You may bring your own cartridges 28g maximum and these must be fibre wad.

Shooters can use their own cartridges on Sundays, but can only use Chessgrove Shooting supplied cartridges during the week.


Cartridge boxes or slabs can also be purchased from us at registration.

Please phone the shooting ground to book in advance.

Sporting Layout - Chessgrove Shooting Ground Near Cheltenham

Sporting Layout - Chessgrove Shooting Ground near Cheltenham

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